DD - There Is Hope

Written by Mark Lowry & Bruce Carroll

Sometimes we go through trials
That are so hard to bear
We lift our face toward heaven
"God, are You really there?"
I've asked that same question
I've been down that road
And looking back, I now can tell you
He's always let me know

There is hope, so hold on, there is hope
God has sent me here to tell you, there is hope
And He knows just what you're going through
And what the future holds
As long as Jesus lives ... there is hope

He was bruised for our transgressions
Nailed upon a tree
He cried out to the Father
"Why have You forsaken me?"
But through this suffering Savior
He brought healing to our pain
And the one who raised Him from the dead
Can restore us all again

(Repeat Chorus)

He promised he would share our sorrow
And bear our heavy load
This road that we are traveling
Will one day turn to gold

(Repeat Chorus)

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